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Nature² Body all started with me. When I was pregnant with my first child, I became more aware of what food to eat and what products to use on my skin. I know there are a lot of skincare products out there that claim "Organic", "Pure" & " Natural" - but were they really?

So I started my own investigation looking at every ingredient of these skin products. WOW is all I have to say. The length of ingredient lists on the products was shocking and half the time, I was unable to even read the ingredients out loud. Then i realised, these products might be actually doing the baby more harm than good.

When I was growing up in Kenya, I remember my Mum never used any commercial skincare products on us. She basically just used coconut oil on our skin and hair. I must admit that I never enjoyed the smell of coconut oil by itself (I will get in trouble when she reads this), so I made the decision since becoming pregnant to start blending coconut oil with other oils to create my own moisturiser (which reduced the coconut aroma). I combined a mixture of coconut oil, cocoa butter and vitamin E oil.

All of these oils I made sure they were 100% and not mixed with any nasty stuff or chemicals. The smell was divine and my skin was moisturised all day and glowing and I managed to escape without tummy stretch marks after 2 kids!

I also started using the oil mixture on my little one's skin, as our last born had some skin issues. We didn't want to create more damage by buying baby products, that made "pure or natural" claims but were not certified organic. Needless to say, my son's skin improved a lot and since then i have never looked back. 

As we all know, the first few months of a baby’s life, helps to lay the foundation for wellness and development. That’s why we deliver just what you need and created a safe and natural baby care product range. Giving you fewer reasons to worry about harsh chemicals used and more time to focus on bonding with your baby. Our team created products with the modern family lifestyle in mind. As parents, we understand how to create the perfect blend of comfort, safety and functionality for your little ones. We craft superior baby solutions, with a focus on certified organic ingredients and pure natural ingredients in mind.

Nature² Body is here to help other families and babies from the risk of these nasty chemicals, that are in many of the skin products that they are out there.

We understood that the marketing of baby products is a worry. Many products claim to be "organic" and "natural" - but just have a look at their product ingredient listings!

After started working along side like minded people in the Organics industry, we formulated a Certified Organic range of products for all mums and babies to use and enjoy.

Our baby products are made with the highest quality skin sensitive organic oils, extracts and herbs. Designed for your baby to use safely and for you to know your baby is protected. From easy to apply body care and safe alternatives to bath basics, nourishing lotions to organic massage oils, we make sure every baby is a happy baby. When you learn about bad side of "Baby Skin Products" and compare them with Organic Baby Skin Products, your will understand why Organic Baby Skin Product is the way to go.

So join us and you won't be disappointed your baby's skin is safer and you can feel sound with Nature² Body®