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Importance Of Baby Massage

Posted by Amanda Laurence on

The power of touch is explicitly seen in the loving hands of a mother. Having baby close to you is enough to soothe and nurture, and keep your child feeling safe and secure. No wonder, babies love a good massage for it gives them that very same feeling during those nine long months spent in the womb. A relaxing and enjoyable baby massage isn't just for moms, but this beautiful activity is great for dads too! Taking courses and learning together with your baby is something wonderful in itself, while giving the family all the amazing benefits of a baby massage:

1. Baby's Optimal Development

Newborn babies lack motor skills and muscle development just yet. As a sensory activity, a baby massage encourages baby’s social, physical and emotional development. Massage helps baby learn more about her body through eye contact, listening to your voice, feeling your touch, and breathing in your familiar scent. A baby massage also helps stimulate your small child’s nervous, immune, and respiratory systems.

2. Rest and Relaxation

Babies tend to be easily overstimulated during the day. A nice massage would help your baby relax and unwind right before bedtime, while you effectively de-stress and get much-needed rest after a busy day. The life of a new parent isn't easy nor stress-free, and you'd be better off doing a baby massage rather than succumb to it. The ideal setting would be a dim and quiet environment, then start working on those baby massage techniques you've learned. You will quickly feel more relaxed as you temporarily break the cycle of nappy changes and breastfeeds, while helping baby find inner calm along the way.

3. Better Sleep For Everyone

Baby massage can help mom and dad get some good night's sleep too! Massaging your baby at night promotes longer, deeper, and better sleep. About 15 minutes before bedtime is perfect, which would help you develop a healthy routine and get to enjoy more of your happy baby. A study by Warwick University researchers found how babies were likely to sleep better, cry less and exhibit lower levels of stress hormones when they're given a baby massage.

4. The Perfect Bonding Moment

Skin-to-skin contact creates an effortless bonding moment. A baby massage strengthens this bond even more. The gentle, gliding, rhythmic strokes on baby's body with your hands produces the same effect when you hold baby close or breastfeed her. The act releases oxytocin, otherwise known as the "love hormone" in both baby and parent. Not only does a baby massage encourage bonding, but creates the warm feeling of being a bit more loved! With the focus on your baby, you detach from your smartphone, television and even your guests once in a while. Distractions out of the way, you can easily get lost in the perfect moment between you and baby and have all the time in the world.

5. Alleviate Ailments

Baby massage can help soothe ailments such as a stuffy nose, blocked sinuses and constipation. Massage stimulates the vagus nerve which connects the human brain with vital body parts including the stomach, thus improving baby's digestion and bowel movement. Studies have heightened its benefits for preterm babies, whereas massaging them lead to significant weight gain and shorter hospital stays along with increased parental satisfaction.

6. Daddy and Baby

Ok dad, you can't possibly breastfeed, but you can create your own special moment with your precious child. A baby massage is the perfect opportunity for a bonding experience you won't trade for anything on earth! You and baby will enjoy the moment. Allow her to gaze into your eyes, listen to your voice, breathe in daddy's scent, and find great comfort in the gentle feel of your touch.

7. Build Mom and Dad's Confidence

Baby massage improves parents' confidence with enhanced communication. Babies respond in adorable ways such as their innocent smile, baby language and soft touch, sort of saying how mommy or daddy is doing a great job! As parents come to understand their baby's cues, they become more confident with their parenting abilities.

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